Some Users Claimed That Facebook Is Secretly Accessing iPhone’s Camera

Facebook has again involved itself in another privacy issue. It has been reported that multiple iPhone users have come forward on social media to complain that Facebook app has secretly activated their Smartphone’s camera in the background while they scrolled through their Facebook feeds or have been looking at the photos on the social network.

Twitter videos have revealed that when the users click on the image or video on the social media to full screen and then returns it back to the original size, an issue occurs with the Facebook app for iOS slightly shifts the app to the right. Furthermore, it opens a space on the left from where the users can see the camera of the iPhone got activated in the background.

At this point in time, it is not clear if it is just a UI bug where Facebook App incorrectly only accesses the camera interface or if it also records the videos and uploads them. If the assumptions are proven true then it would be the most disastrous occurrences in the history of Facebook. The issue has gotten to be known to the other Facebook users a well where many of them tried to reproduce the issue but failed. This seems that the buggy software update has not been rolled out to everyone worldwide and might as well affect a fraction of Facebook owners only.

One of the users named Joshua Maddux has discovered this bug and claimed that he has tested and was able to replicate it on at least 5 different iPhones that ran iOS 13.2.2, the latest version of iOS. Maddux said that he will note that iPhones running iOS 12 doesn’t show the camera but this cannot be confirmed that the camera is not being used.

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