Chargeback | Buyers Protection

We Team Hackers for Hire provide 24×7 Support to our Guest and protect them from SPAM Free Dealings Therefore Team Hackers for Hire here by undertakes the following statements in case of Charge Back. Charge back can be considered if the customer is not provided with his/her requirements or the time limit stated during the dealing.  We as a Team are TRUSTED for our positive work result and on time work. Team Hackers for Hire takes full Guarantee over the clients DATA Confidentiality and privacy.

If the Accepted project from TEAM is not completed as per the stated Requirements and time basics, The Customer has full power to claim HIS/HER Money back Guarantee.

Money Back Transaction Hierarchy:

    1. Payment taken in BITCOINS are refunded in 4 Hours of the claim.
    2. Payments taken in Banking Transaction is to be refunded within 3 Working Days.
    3. Payments taken in Western Union, Money Gram or other 3RD Party vendors are refunded in 64 hours of the claim.
    4. Payments Taken in CASH are prohibited for security Reason.
  1. We don’t Accept paypal and other 2nd party transfer as a reason of late transaction from the acceptors part.

In case arise of charge Back case the customer needs to provide all the Documentation, Transaction ID with accepting methods to our Team for further processing of charge Back. For more details, mail us @ myhackingwork[at] Charge back after the project successful will not be taken into consideration.


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